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Wellness Benefits, Simplified.

Everyone performs at their best when they're healthy and happy

Set Budgets

Employers choose a monthly wellness allowance

Pick Categories

Get the freedom to choose which categories works best for your team

Track Spending

We automatically validate and reimburse employee’s wellness purchases

Improve Wellness

JOON supports multiple forms of preventative care that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being
JOON is simple yet effective
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Set it and forget it

JOON makes it easy for companies to offer a wellness benefit that's inclusive and accessible. We automatically validate and seamlessly reimburse wellness purchases, and give every employee the freedom to choose what works for them. Companies can get set up in under 5 minutes, and the program requires no oversight or additional work from HR or Finance.

Not your average gym reimbursement

Businesses and services that fall into the categories listed below are eligible for reimbursement. Your benefit program may include one or more of these categories.
  • Fitness
  • Mental Health
  • Digital Health
  • Holistic Care
  • Outdoor Activities
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Happier and healthier employees have been shown to be more productive, resilient, and creative.